Don’t we all have a certain set of fixed things we carry around in our bag, some of which we may need and some for Just in Case? Also, changing our handbags only involves shifting the stuff from one bag to another. If you can relate to all of this, we have someone who loves carrying big handbags that’s full of things she needs and can’t step out without!

“I carry my huge handbag everywhere. It’s not just my signature style but a necessity. For me, it’s mostly about being prepared for every situation that I find myself in. Plus, there are certain things that I always keep in my bag and keep transferring from one bag to another.”


  • Lipstick And Lip balm

One thing that I can’t live without is a lipstick and a lip balm. I carry these two everywhere I go. I also keep a few go-to lipstick shades handy and my current fav is Colorpop Bumble in Pink (₹750).  I have dry lips and I like my Nectar Bath Treats Lip Balm. It smells heavenly and is very handy.


  • A Notebook

I cannot function without one and love to jot down every idea as and when it occurs to me.



To beat the heat and to protect my eyes, I always carry my most used COACH sunglasses which was gifted to me by my brother three years ago.

  • Blush

Like I said, I like to be always prepared for an impromptu meeting or errand. For such plans, I like to keep my blush from Wet and Wild at hand. It looks great on me with just the right amount of flush!


  • Perfume/Mist

I’m all for the light, floral, fresh smelling perfumes and am currently hooked on Crush from Victoria’s Secret. I love this fragrance and carry it always.

  • Wet Wipes


A packet of wet tissues is another must-have without which I cannot function. I like to use it as a makeup remover as well and use it immediately once I’m indoors to prevent sunburn.


  •     Portable Charger

I am a big phone addict and it drains my battery very soon. So, I always like to step out of my house, with my back up fully charged.

  • Wallet and CardsI love my wallet from Accessorize. It is compact with lots of compartments: perfect for me!
  • MoiFavs_Vaishnavi'sbag

A Mini Pouch


This allows me to carry tiny things in my huge bag in an organized fashion. I carry all essentials like my keys, mints, hand cream, comb, sanitary napkins and a sanitizer.

Trust me, when I say everything, it means everything! I also like to carry the book I am reading currently, in my bag so that I can read it whenever I get the time. My current read is Gravity by R. M. Drake.



What are your must-haves while stepping outside? Tell me in the comments below!

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