Hello guys, I am excited to share my weekend experience at Shiva’s gateway hotel.

Now what is this hotel all about you may ask, the Shiva’s gateway hotel is a newly opened luxury business hotel owned by Mysore Shri Mahalakshmi Sweets.
Located along the international airport road,which makes it ideal and easily accessible to guests flying in and out from Bangalore.Thanks to my friend Nithin who gave me this opportunity to let me experience his hotel.
The place is very attractive Ambience wise, looking quite elegant and pleasing with its design and architecture from the outside as well as the inside.
As I arrived I was greeted with a warm welcome by the staff and Mr.Jithin,hotel Manager and was ushered towards my room.

I was glad to be invited to experience the hospitality by staying at the “ Suite rooms” which was in itself a quite exciting thing as the suite rooms are one of the best rooms at the hotel, couldn’t wait to check it out. ☺

It was time for lunch so my friend and I quickly freshened up and headed towards Ambari.

posted this picture on my instagram asking am i going or coming? what do u think?comment below

Ambari is the name of the in-house restaurant at Shiva’s and derives its name from the traditions of Mysore, there is an elephant procession that is regarded as a form of a festival.
A large part of my stay at the hotel would be at Ambari because I would be trying the breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. Being a multi cuisine restaurant specializing in various delicacies, the options were plenty.☺

Beginning with lunch;
Kicking things off I began lunch with a welcome drink called the “ Ladies Delight mocktail” which was very really refreshing.

Following that was a two contrasting types of chicken dishes like;
Atta chicken – mughlai styled chicken wrapped with atta. Mouthwatering. I am going back to have this. ☺

Chicken coconut fry – a dish made with typical Andhra styled spices. My friend was in love with this one though,of course even i too liked it, but atta chicken was my favourite.( their signature dish too)we both relished every bit of it.

Coming to the veg options;
Tandoori veg subzi- a kind of a platter. Would recommend to vegetarians who want to try a variety of options in one dish.

After eating all that we wanted to jump right in for the main course, our brain wanted us to try everything on the menu, such as roti curry, but our tummies allowed only for one;

Mughlai Dum Biriyani ☺ absolutely loved the blend of soft rice and Hyderabadi spices as well. A perfect dish to end the meal.The dum style of cooking assures that each grain of rice is cooked to perfection. You have to taste it to believe it!
After the delicious Dum Biriyani we exited Ambari to check out a little more of the hotel and also to look for nice spots to click a few pictures.(you know this is what we wait for)

And a few nice spots we did find(yay), in fact there were some really nice areas for photo shoots, especially outdoors.
Ending the photo shoots(literally after 2 hours, struggle is real bro) sneak peak into the shoot.

we spent the remaining of the evening out the suite. The balcony had a nice seating area which gave us a view of the airport road, definitely a place to chill.

We waited with renewed excitement for dinner.☺
Back in Ambari, we began dinner with a Russian salad, nothing much to say about that but it was quite good nonetheless.

Following that was yet another couple of chicken items;
Drums of heaven- Chinese styled tender and fresh chicken. Yum yum yum. I couldn’t stop eating this one. My friend did enjoy this one too.

Deewani handi- another chicken based north Indian curry, your cravings are never dampened. If you have your veggie hat on, there is a veggie version.
In the veg options were;
Paneer tikka – sooooo soft paneer☺,which is subtle and tasty. woooooow can i have it now please.:P

And the one we missed at lunch ;
Roti curry – yay! Finally. Lol.
The dinner and especially that roti curry made our tummies happy and us ready for a good night’s sleep.

The next morning breakfast spread included a continental menu as well as south Indian classics;
South Indian
Idly, vada, sambar and a variety of chutneys
Masala dosa

Continental menu
Bulls-eye, but with way more chillies than usual:P
Pancakes, could have been better though.

OMG, need to work out for a week to burn all of this. Lol.
After a long time of eating and eating and eating it was finally time for us to leave Shiva’s ☹
Although I stayed for a short time, a lot memories were created within it.
I would like thank Shiva’s for giving me this wonderful experience, the staff for being so kind and helpful and more importantly for allowing us to conduct a photo shoot within the premises. Lol.
love to go back for the food especially, and I urge you all to drop by sometime, at least for a delicious meal,A great place with a vast range of dishes to taste, a visit to this place is a complete experience and even better if you are a foodie,and of course to experience Shiva’s for yourselves and create your own memorable weekend getaway.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my staycation,until next time byebye:)

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