How happy was your childhood? A seemingly simple question can be more complicated to answer than one would think.

Everyone like their childhood and wish to go back there. Some memories are happy, and some sad, upsetting, or frightening.

We all get that nostalgic feeling when we think about our childhood, During childhood, we didn’t have any responsibility and all we did was to enjoy a lot with our siblings, friends, cousins and other children. I had a wonderful childhood and I would never forget those wonderful days in my life.

It is feeling loved by parents that make the most influential contribution to childhood happiness. Agree?

You enjoyed what you were doing without thinking of anything else? Without worrying about other things you had to be doing? Without one eye on the clock?

We all Know photos can be an invaluable source of information and their visual nature really helps jog your memory, return to places you haven’t been since you were young and see what you recognize and what thoughts come to mind.

I Remember when I used to go the fairs with my cousins and my parents, always had the best time going on rides, having candy floss, going on Tora Tora etc I wish I could go back, and never grew up!

So This time I and my good friend wanted to reminisce our childhood by going to the fair, and we captured some amazing pictures, made a lot of memories and trust me it was so much fun.

I remember reading this on Quora-“Our brains are exceptional and our memories are important and powerful beyond belief. Think of your memory as a muscle and learn how to use it as you like”

We cant go back in times, but definitely, we all create some every day, because it’s always good to say “remember when” with your loved ones.

Thank you  Thelifestylefiesta for one of the best day:*



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