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This outfit is definitely my favourite. I have developed a total obsession with skirts this season; I’ve practically lived in them.

There is this top which is so feminine and surprisingly it’s really in style right now! Many different kinds of skirts I could see myself pairing this with.They scream fem, I really do love the new pieces from STALKBUYLOVE . A lot of what they currently have is what’s also currently trending, but at the same time, there are certain things you can do to make what’s popular right now.

How adorable is this top?? It’s cropped which makes it perfect for just about any skirt in my closet.

It’s such an essential to my wardrobe and luckily I snagged one before it was gone, AND ITS BLACK!

I feel tops like these are perfect for creating multiple different looks with and I love adding pieces to my wardrobe that offer a lot of versatility.

And now, this pencil skirt is the actual new love of my LIFE. I have had it for about a month and already worn it to death. It is the most wearable skirt that goes with absolutely everything, especially with it’s very “tailored” look.

I totally adore this plain black top and skirt combination. It’s effortlessly chic.

Now for accessories,

If you know me well you’ll know I have a small obsession with accessories, and the moment I saw these I knew they had to be mine! I love everything about this piece and I’m quite relieved to finally talk about them in detail.

First, this beautiful princess necklace from Swarovski,  I adore the simplicity and elegance of this piece.

The Delicate crystal is almost iridescent and it’s just so blooming pretty and I also paired with a Square stone studded earring, which just goes perfect with the necklace and my outfit.

Which brings me to the bag,I’m not sure I even have the words. I saw this in the shop window when i had been to pune,not sure about the store name,it has been a quite old member from my bag collection though.It is so simple,therefore looks more chic and its in black with a pink pompom that enhances the look, which goes with many of my outfits too, and at 1500 I think it’s an absolute steal.

On my feet, these high heels from STEVE MADDEN have been everything for the past few months. I bought these on my last birthday and I can’t tell you how long I spent searching and scouring for the perfect pair of heels, that would actually fit my legs properly and that goes with all my outfits. This search turned out to be a lot harder than I expected.  Again, it’s so simple and elegant, and the metallic colour looks perfect with everything I wear, they utterly transform an outfit, instantly making the simplest of outfit look fabulously on trend and chic. As they are high enough to still feel elevated and sophisticated.

And in terms of comfort, I rate them pretty high, although I wouldn’t recommend going for a trek!(just kidding)

Oh I could go on and on all day about how much I love this!







That’s it from me for now! I really hope you enjoyed the post, Let me know in the comments if you have anything you love.

Lots of love.





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  1. I luv d way u pull ur accessories with ur outfit. They jst go perfect always. Keep going, lots of luv!

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