The one thing I can predict about 2018 is that it’s going to be a great year of eating.  Kicking off  MY WEEKEND with fresh fare from romantic hotspots, and is hardly ever an issue in BANGALORE, but a little guidance for your taste buds never hurt. This is about a small yet quaint place on the 13th floor of Barton Centre, you can happily spend some time having decent food with gorgeous weather. The view from the 13th floor is what made it more appealing and inviting.

NOTE: This review experience is based on my experience and reviews shared are honest and unbiased in the interest of fellow readers and foodies.

The menu was sufficiently made through and was quite elaborate. They serve Asian, Thai, Malaysian, Vegetarian Friendly, and Vegan Options too.

They also have Parking facility available. yay:)

This was, from start to finish, just a magical meal – refined, beautiful and flavorful, intimately expressive of season and place. I am steering you straight to the salads and appetizers.

For salads I was served with BANANA BLOSSOM SALAD, The name by itself is a teaser and wait here it is made of tender banana flowers shredded and tossed with crispy garlic, shallots (onions)with a mild lime and rice wine dressing, It’s an explosion of  Asian flavors in a bowl, it was more on the sweeter side, if u r not a fan of having your salad with teeny weeny sweetness, I would not recommend this. But having salad made of banana flowers was indeed my first time,wasn’t disappointed though!

For appetizers I had THAI CRISPY CHICKEN topped with a honey chilli sauce,golden garlic and crispy basil, the chicken was so tender and crispy, I absolutely relished in seconds. Must have*

Heading to the BAO BAR- I tried Curried Crumbles Tofu Safay,with Malay peanut Vinaigrette(salad dressing) carrot and coconut slaw. Bao’s are Chinese steamed buns, served open, with a dazzling array of fillings, I really liked the combination of coconut slaw and wine dressing.  It was pretty good. If you want to try Bao’s say thumbs up, they have something for everyone.

Moving onto my favourites Curry Bowls

Started with MALACCA CURRY WITH ROTI JALA- ROTI JALA MEANS “NET Bread” is a Ramzaan favourite in Malaysia, these crispy lacy crepes are best eaten with a spicy aromatic curry, I was pretty certain this  would be the star of the lunch. The combination of Jala and the curry which magically pulls it all together. It was incredibly gratifying and delicious! I am definitely going back to this. I would not recommend if you’re palette doesn’t accept Thai curry or a coconut milk.

BURMESE KHAOSWE the spicy aromatic curry with rice noodles with vegetables and egg-plant, a moment of appreciation for the presentation. It’s one of the simplest yet most mind-blowing combinations Served with chillies,spring onions,fried onions,fried garlic and chopped onions. It was so flavorful punch on my palate. Cant just end praising this dish.

NASI GORENEG- it has been awarded as number 2 in worlds 50 most delicious foods list,it means ‘fried rice’ and is made of aromatic mix of a sweet and sour sauce,friend shallots and garlic,soya sauce to enhance the flavours, I am huge fan of nasi goreng, and this was accomapined with signature satay,garlic crackers and pickled vegetables, was mind blowing and fused with the main dish. I call it as a perfect couple.

Over all the dishes were so innovative, experimental and still delivered high refined flavors in each and every dish we tried! All the dishes were served hot and fresh!

Staff were kind and generous to help us decide,the best thing was they were well trained. This is what always makes me happy while i eat!:)

You don’t have to wait until weekend to give in to this delicious dream!

Reservation: Recommended

Apt for Special Occasion Dining, Groups, Kids, Child-friendly, Romantic, Business meetings

ADDRESS: No 84 Barton Center Mahatma Gandhi RoadBengaluru 560001, India





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