It’s the height of summer! That time when living is easy and work can be hard. With temperatures rising, your brain might decide to take a break as well. What always gets us going at Chapter Friday when we’re feeling less inspired (or distracted by thoughts of ice cream and chilling at home)

I am wearing this outfit for more chic style and casual look for the same. I am wearing an Aqua marine shirt from stalkbuylove with a pair of black really comfortable Jeggings. I love being comfortable with what I wear, and mostly prefer wearing jeggings. Finding the perfect pair, size, fitting is really tough, but recently I was suggested by a friend of mine to check Jeggings from Zara, and saw some of the most amazing Jeggings at one place. The Stretch and feel from Zara are absolutely amazing and I am in love with them. The fitting is crazy and they are super comfortable. But I had tried few in Zara store at pune, but unfortunately the collection differs. This look barely takes few minutes to get ready. I mostly dont spend much time in getting ready and pulling on a pair of jeggings and styling this shirt around makes it super easy.

I love how pretty the colour is with the criss cross pattern, and they are super stylish and great quality, yet still fairly affordable compared to other online websites, I would absolutely say they are worth the money.

An all blue outfit looks really nice when styled with cute duffle bag and nice pair of shoes. And this bag as gifted by my parents on my birthday,and I absolutely adore them and have lasted me a long time without taking particularly good care of them in the hustle and bustle of a city, and also weighing them down with far too many things, which is really impressive. And of course this one, which is just sooooooo beautiful.

On my feet this month have been these total beauties from shopperstop, a brand called lemon and pepper,I love wedges with black strap, they are most comfiest pair, you can easily pull out on any outfit. (don’t you think so?!) but it can be hard to find really nice ones that strike a good balance between young and classic.






Hope you enjoyed this months style diary! Make sure you leave me a comment if you’ve seen anything you think I’ll love,. Be sure to follow me on my other social media to keep up with my blog posts!

Lots of love,

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