An exciting event to look out for, with major players participating in the Show,the platform for interface between the food from different countries.

On 10th February 2018, Stonehill held its annual PTA International Food Fair (IFF). The IFF is one of the many ways in which the school celebrates the diversity of cultures that is unique to Stone hill. The idea is simple. Entire festivals dedicated to food. Or just experimenting with exotic cuisines. Or learning to make new exquisite dishes,stone hill also gave opportunity to the artists to showcase their talent.

The MYP Visual Arts and Music Showcase  was a wonderful display of the artistic talent in the Secondary School. This was an excellent opportunity for students to show their family and friends what they’ve been learning in both their Music and Visual Arts classes, while parents and teachers got a chance to learn new things about both subjects.

Stone hill  parent community gets together each year to bring home cooked food from their countries, giving everyone a chance to indulge in culinary delights from across the globe. The food, game stalls, musical performances by students, flag march and unity dance were the perfect ingredients to create a day of fun and festivity for the entire Stone hill Community. Its definitely a great platform giving by stone hill .


Festivals in India have been going on since a long time. Food festivals are something we don’t get to see every day. It’s a new concept which has shown a huge potential and a new angle to the Indian festival scene.

Festivals dedicated to a certain type of cuisine are being spotted all around and it is a nice way to get yourself acquainted with dishes which you would never really have had the chance of tasting or getting to make.

Take a sneak peak into the fair:)








Thank you stone hill for giving me this opportunity to explore the fair, it was my pleasure being a part of it!:)

Hope you all enjoyed this post.

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