Hey everyone, and thank you for checking back to grubmode.com for another outfit post. This outfit really deserved some attention on the blog, as it features a few of my favourite pieces I’ve ever had! I recently bought this outfit from Harshit Arora collection,  which is an online store I’ve never shopped at before, but I was so spoilt for choice  and since the time I have got them i couldn’t resist from styling them! It’s like falling in love.

The first time I saw this outfit and knew it had to be mine!  They are so classic; making an outfit go from bleak to chic with a high low cut is everything. And they fit so, so well; they are cut to the perfect shape except that the material is very transparent although i have managed to pair it with a gold belt. I think it just gives the coolest, most effortlessly stylish look, and it has this slight washed out colour but yet I love the way it turned out.

I paired this with a pale wash of the denim. Years ago I used to hate light blue denim, I would always get the darkest blue I could find, but now I can’t get enough of this pretty light blue denim which fits so well and compliments each other. This is absolutely gorgeous. You can also pair this up with denim shorts for summer/vacay look.


I also matched up with a cute little shoulder bag; this is another item that has found its way deep, deep into my heart ! And this choker has been the perfect accessory with hoops, lately I have been crushing over hoops and pairing up with every outfit I wear. so,always YES to hoops:)This bag is perfectly matching the outfit and the colour is just so versatile, I’ve been able to match it with absolutely everything, and totally completes an outfit giving it a little bit more “sparkle”.

With this throw on a pair of heels or wedges – I paired up this lovely little pair of transparent heeled sandals – and I was good to go!  It’s so simple and minimal and yet so many people have noticed them and complimented them! If you are going to invest in just one item of footwear, always go for a something transparent which is so in current trend, I had my eyes on these sandals since forever and finally got my hands on them.

So that’s it for this months Style Diary! I hope you enjoyed it and although I do have something exciting coming up for you all!  so keep your eyes peeled and thank you again for all of your lovely comments and support, it means the world as always.







Stay tuned and stalk  my other medias, I will keep you updated.

Until next time, BYE BYE!


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