“Spring is the time of the year, where it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade”- CHARLES DICKENS

Sunshine. Heat.

Air that feels the same temperature as your skin.

Revamping my #spring #summer wardrobe was super fun, we’re craving clever new style solutions for the toasty temperatures coming our way. I started picking my spring wear from  PINK FLAMINO CLOTHING. It was to tough for me to pick one, because we can’t seem to pick a favorite—and if you end up buying them all, don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.

SPAGHETTI TOP can never go wrong,an edgy, feminine and yet simple style, dress up your summer spaghetti top and you are ready to flaunt! Tops like these are easily wearable and timeless. I paired these with flair bottoms, with minimal accessories and of course you can chase your dreams with high heels.

>CONFETTI PURPLE SKIRT is without a doubt a closet staple that every woman should own. pencil skirts are not confined to a certain age group nor personal style, this skirt totally gives me spring/summer vibes.

>YELLOW SPARROW DRESS – A perfect go-to pastel #skater dress,You can wear it to work and throw a #cardigan or #jacket over it, and still wear the dress to happy hour with your girlfriends. This is a dress that won’t go out of style so you can wear it over and over with your favourite #sneakers.


wardrobe by: PINK FLAMINGO

Photography by: ThatphotowalaMR.SUNDAY

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