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So after a long week I wanted to try something new and I was one of the privileged customer to try their new menu, I always passed by the restaurant but  finally got to visit on a Saturday noon with my other fellow bloggers. The place was crowded as usual on a weekend.

Ambience was decent enough with large seating capacity, graffiti on walls, plants around and they have both outdoor and indoor seating, they also have a small place for musical nights, music was really good and kept the energy on point.

Service was brillaint, complete attention was given and stewards have great knowledge about the food served, and they are very well trained to suggest the right kind of dish for our palettes.

Prices are usual and totally worth the quantity and quality of food served.

We chose – On the walk and Mojito for the Mocktails, On the walk was more of fruity which had combination of mango, Strawberry, Banana, fresh cream and Vanilla icecream, I am sure no one can complete this whole because it gives that sweetness which stops you from drinking more, it was too rich and thick, I loved the drink at the beginning but its kills your appetite after a while, so think before you order.

Mojito was prepared well with mint leaves, lemon juice and citrus flavors with sugar, can say it was summary refreshing cocktail.

Lets move on to the favourite part call it fooood.

Our first set of starters arrived and the presentation skills was on point  say 10/10, I absolutely loved how they served, every dish was presented in their very own way, trust me you won’t feel like resisting it when you see and wait to try them, so our first set was Cajun mushrooms which was brilliant, i have never tried this no where, it had such different flavours in it and we literally had four portions and this is must (unless you don’t eat mushrooms though.)


Mexican elote was something new which had, Mexican corn covered with mayo, Mozzarella Cheese, and Chilli powder I could feel the Flavours in every bite I had, it was well cooked and I am sure cheese lovers are going to love this even more than I did, and Texas Fried Chilli was nothing new but a chilli filled with cheese covered with bread crumbs and served chipotle, it was more of a South Indian dish, those who haven’t tried can give it a try.

We then tried chicken wings in three different sauces-piccosa, honey mostaza, and black pepper, i personally loved black pepper which was prepared fresh and the flavours were exciting, the other two were more of sweetish, this served everything in two. I would not suggest this unless they can have more of sweet wings, and then we tried crispy prawns though I am not a sea food fan but this was brilliantly cooked and it was too crispy and well served along with the mayo.(Perfectly cooked).

We moved on the main course which had Ceaser salad and Beet Salad, I love ceaser salad and have tried at many places but this was not the best one i have had but it was good, Veg pizza was like the regular pizzas around, but well cooked, up to the mark, next was veg tacos tried in soft shell was perfect and stuffing was tasty enough, we get to try veg sizzler which was served well as it did taste good though, no doubt in presentation and the quantity.

We also tried grilled fish and rice the fish was perfectly cooked but it was little salty and the rice served was like a fried rice but was not up to the mark, and then comes my favourite dish grilled chicken and rice this was so well cooked, totally loved it and it surely one of the best I have had so far, they served with herbed butter rice, mushrooms and baby corn, i relished it so much, I can go back to have this dish, its a must have.

Overall this place has it all, with few improvements, I am glad I got to visit this place, surely must try for people in and around j p nagar.

I would certainly recommend and get back to this place.

Until next post bye bye!

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