Firstly,I was not aware about this place, but was recommended to visit this without missing it by one of my cousin, and wow what a recommendation.

Wants? Cravings For some North Indian Food?! So what are you waiting for?

Then this is the perfect place, which will fulfill your cravings. I Was super excited to try this and finally went few weeks back with one of my friend and I was so impressed with the food, I visited again at night with my parents on the same day.

This place is in Basawangudi, opposite to Bangalore hospital, and no worries they have parking facility.(yay)

It is a small place with a good seating capacity, they have a big screen named as BC tv :p, and Baba Chatkora on the wall.

Courtesy: Dine out

Now about the food, For lunch I tried sweet lassi, I could just say it was incredible and have never tasted or tried something like this did, I have always had something in the form of molten but this Lassi i can say this was completely a Thickset, In fact I had to have with spoon (:p), I also ordered sweet of the day that was Jamoon, it was good, but wish it was served hot.

For the main course I ordered BC special Paratha, it had 2 portions, (Be clear when you order) along with Channa Daal and Onion mixed with Mint chutney, this chutney was extremely delicious, with overflowing butter(yum) and trust me it was so filling, and it gave that typical Punjabi style to it, and I absolutely relished and enjoyed, it was a perfect lunch.

Again when I had been at night with my parents I had Afghani Chaap, this is prepared using soya, it had a different delectable flavour, if you are the kind of person who loves eating soya,you’ll love this dish. My parents enjoyed having them too, it is a must try.


And Shikanji for a drink it is a type of traditional lemonade in North India, it is the kind of refreshment drink, it was good but the quantity was not satisfying for the pricing.

For the main course i again had BC Paratha as well as Mix paratha, i would suggest BC paratha more than Mix Paratha, Mix had that regular paratha taste, it is actually tough to compare because both were good in its own flavours, I overall had a wonderful (butterfull) experience.



I felt it was overpriced for the quantity they serve, but quality at its best, service was quick and staff was responsive towards customers.

I would any day recommend this place, and would get back to try more.

Do try this place and let me know how do you like it!

Thank you so much for reading, and please do leave a comment to let me know you have. I really do appreciate it so much.

Have a grateful day ahead!

Much love!




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  1. Dis is one amazing place, i remember going wid u.well that day u have suggested the best dishes n they tasted yummy,all thanks to u. I like the way u represent these food posts,makes me feel like trying once more. Great job dear😍✌️.get going 👍

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