Where do i begin? Okay, this place is in church street next to Indian coffee house, its a tiny place with very less seating capacity, as you pass on the street you can see a lot of people waiting for the seats:( should have lots of patience to wait, because the service is quick and great.

There is no parking facility, but for food, you can struggle unless you get parking.

I can eat pizzas any day, my love for it is endless, they are basically known for pizzas but I love their shakes too, this place is run by two super passionate friends who in fact motivate others, one is super at making pizzas, and other is best at desserts, the best thing is they cook everything by their own, and its kind off tough managing both the kitchen as well customers.

What i had here?! Tried two pizzas, Anna and Dia vola-  Dia volo being my favourite and couldn’t resist having more pieces. I was too excited about the pizzas there,pizzas were absolutely brilliant, crust was good, toppings were on point, and it was perfectly cooked, and according to our preferences the pizza was no less but delectable,i could complete one whole pizza(wohoo). Anna looked great but it dint make me that satisfied after having Dia volo,may be it was not the spice i had expected or something went wrong, I am sure I will visit again and experience better,but crust was good and scrumptious!


                                             FREAK SHAKE

And I tried freak shake, it freaked me out with the pricing (500rs) i am not a sweet tooth, but there is a lot of hard work and patience to put into it, and trust me its worth the money, and it was such a delightful experience.

Service was brillaint, complete attention was given and stewards have great knowledge about the food served, and they are very well trained to suggest the right kind of pizza for our palettes.

Prices are usual and totally worth the quantity and quality of food served.

I would always recommend this place and will go back here to try more.

Thank you so much for reading, and please do leave me a comment to let me know you have. I really do appreciate it so much.

Much love!

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  1. This is a really good place 🙂 and the shakes there are just amazing!! You have put across everything very well! A must go place!! 🙂

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