BANGALORE is well known to embrace all sorts of experiments in delivering a variety of cuisines, we find new cafes, restaurants opening every nook and corner, but there are only very few which hits in our mind when someone shouts for FOOOOOOD!! And for me, BIG PITCHER IS ONE AMONGST THEM.

I saw Big Pitcher has been working tremendously well but yet they are bringing in a whole New Exciting menu as a package to you.

Let me begin with the Appetizers, Beginning from my top favourite

 Scotch eggs covered with minced lamb and perfectly deep fried, so scrumptious that you wouldn’t stop even after having three of them, wish they were popcorn sized I could eat them with no stop. It’s a must try.

 To all the foodies presenting you all, Green chilli Chicken Ghee Roast, Served in the most elegant form, Flavours were extremely smooth and perfectly cooked, But this was unlike your regular Mangalorean style ghee roast, this had a perfect balance of spices delivered.

Asian grilled chicken, First bite does make you go awww!!!! and the perfect balance of sweet – sour – tangy that you expect from your regular grilled chicken is delivered without disappointing you. A must try one!

Nam Ooru Pizza, Instead Can I call it “Nam ooru Ragi pizza” yes, This pizza is made of ragi base which is super healthy and topped with cheeeese and all the veggies,, trust me this was the first time I tried this and I was super impressed, I am definitely going back for this and recommend this one.

Each dish as it kept coming in unique style decor and presentation set the tone for me that Chef is not about food but also artistry and perfection. 100 points on presentation, Bang on ! Ofcourse it’s Dessert time,



Dessert is all about bringing in the new dimension that you don’t expect from a dish – be it flavor – layering – secret ingredient. The happiness of indulging the perfectly layered dessert is all the matters at the end of the meal.

Now that I have given you all my insights in what I tried from the new menu, it is your time to try, savour and say WOW.

I totally recommend the new menu, and definitely would visit again to have my favourite Ragi pizza and scotch eggs, For all the beer lovers you got more in the menu.

Ambiance: 5/5

Food: 4/5

Pricing: 4/5



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