We all believe that everyday is a fashion show and the world is our run way!

So I’m sure you’re pretty familiar with this beauty by now and a lot of you asked me about this outfit, its never too late, here you go!:

As a kid and now fashion played a huge part of my life when I began to feel confident, pretty, and just important when I wore an outfit that I loved or bought something new. I’m a firm believer that even though fashion doesn’t cure anything or fix all of my problems (wouldn’t that be nice?)..it can make my mood and lift my spirits a little bit to get me through the day. I say clothes are like a good meal or feel of good music!

I do a lot of shopping especially skirts and dresses, we all know this. And I update my wardrobe pretty frequently. Recently i shopped this cute powder pink button down skirt from my favourite shopping site.(links below) and paired it with a cycle printed shirt(isn’t it cute). i love how they compliment each other, they look super casual and yet sophisticated with quirky shoes and a backpack:)

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have linked the similar products,go grab yours 🙂

pink button downclick here

cycle print shirt: people ( a year old one), but yet you can also pair this up with

option 1option 2option 3

shoesoption 1,option 2

Backpack: zara

loads of love,



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